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(Sensitives readers beware)

You couldn’t help but be madly in love with a man fifteen years older than you. What with his mature attitude, his domineering presence and his ability to make you feel like the only girl in his universe; his goddess.
The past few weeks you and big shot Niall Horan had been together involved lots of money and lots of sex. You weren’t complaining with the endless supply of both. You didn’t moan when you came in from work to see two bags full of designer clothes and a naked Niall sprawled waiting for you on the bed, his face twisting in pleasure as he saw you.
The past few weeks it was Niall who had always been so needy for you; often taking you wherever he wanted you. Whether it be in the back of his Rolls Royce or in the bathroom of one of his high class dinner parties, Niall had his way with you.

Today, however, was beyond different. He was having a work day; a day where he locked himself in his office and didn’t speak to you until midnight when he would sneak into bed and basically rip off your clothes.  You didn’t mind waiting until then most days, but today was different. 
As you sat downstairs on the white leather sofa watching a show you didn’t care about, you physically ached for him. 
Your whole mind, body and spirit wanted him to take you to places both you and Niall had never experienced before. You wanted his rough calloused fingers tickling at your hips, tempting to go further and further until you felt as though you could reach the stars. 

On the sofa you were sat bolt upright. You couldn’t slouch and be comfortable in a situation like this. Your fingertips were clasped between your knees and the tapping of your feet wouldn’t cease no matter what you did. 
The clock on the wall beside the television teased you constantly. Only  three p.m?! You had nine hours or more to hear the door click and the familiar rustle of his slacks shimmying their way to the floor. The way he’d slip into bed and grip your hips lightly and pull you to him, and you couldn’t help your grin as he flipped you on top of him and kissed his way from your collarbones to your breasts.

You bit your lip and squeezed your thighs together. Stop thinking about him, Y/N. You can wait. You will wait. 

You made yourself focus on the television screen. The show you were originally watching had changed to a cooking programme. Trying to focus on a sous chef chopping tomatoes for chilli, you held you head in your fist and still dreamed of Niall and his delectable hands.

Fuck it. 

You shot up from the sofa, abandoning the damn chef and his failed attempt to distract you.
Bounding up the carpeted stairs, you began to get excited bout facing him. He’d be in a suit as he was working and his face would be so frustrated with the simple-minded employees that messed him around.
As you approached his office, you heard his gruff voice from inside the closed door. 

"Dammit, Geoff, for fucks sake why are ya ringin’ me now? I sorted out the files yesterday? Are ya that thick?" He shouted down the phone, sighing as he waited for a response. 
As he was distracted, you placed your hand on the door handle and twisted.

Niall was still on the phone as you appeared in his office. His eyebrows knitted together in confusion. What were you doing here? He thought he told you to leave him until tonight. 
He made his eyes flick away from you, he didn’t want to be distracted by your puckered lips and your tousled hair. He did think about just hanging up the phone and bending you over the desk, but restrained. 
He had a meeting in fifteen minutes, and as soon as Geoff the imbecile hung up he was off.

"Yes, Geoff, that’s all you have to fucking do now if you have another petty problem to face, call someone who gives a fuck!" Niall slammed the phone back down on the receiver and groaned, running his face harshly with his palms. 
You crept towards his desk and sat on it so your bum was right next to his chair. 
You gently tore his hands away from his face and attempted to move closer towards him, to sit in his lap. 
Niall’s blue eyes looked into yours for but a millisecond.

You bit you lip and you placed his hands on your hips and tried to place yours on his crotch. He was restraining himself, you could tell. His eyes were a dark navy and his crotch twitched as you touched it.
His hands gently massaged your curvy hips and you held in a squeal. He was giving you what you wanted, finally, after waiting all day, you could have all of him.

"No, I have a meeting in ten, please leave me." His voice was soft and unnaturally cold. You removed your hands as if you touched something hot. Why was he refusing you? Didn’t he want you anymore?
You grew very needy and plucked up confidence and courage you thought you never could with a man such as Niall.

"Don’t refuse me Niall," you retaliated, reaching for him again, "when have you ever put a fucking meeting over fucking me?"

"Today’s important, Y/N. I can’t miss this meeting for sex. Now go and make yourself useful."
He lifted you off his desk and stood up, straitening his tie and jacket before getting his RayBans off of the desk. 

"I’ll be back at approximately five. Please behave yourself."
He was just about to open the office door when you pulled his arm back with all your strength.

"Don’t talk to me as if I were a child, Mr.I Only Think Of Myself. I’m always there when you want me, but when I want you…you just bugger off! I don’t even know what to-

Niall grabbed your jaw and pushed you against the door. You couldn’t see his eyes because of the sunglasses and his expression was passive. He was angry. He was always rough and commanded dominance when he was angry. 

"Listen princess, if it was up to me you’d be naked and tangled all over me so shut the fuck up about me ‘ignoring you’. And if I’m late for this interview, my dear, oh you will be rightly punished."
He spoke in a cool voice, though it put you in your place. 
Before releasing your jaw, Niall kissed your lips with just passion and vulgarity it left you speechless. You just stood there while he opened to door and left.

"Bye, Doll."
Still stunned from Niall’s speech and the kiss leaving you dripping, you were willing to wait.

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